Article on Agama species diffusion available!

My advisor and I, along with a long string of co-authors, have recently published a paper on the phylogeography of Agama lizards in central Africa! The article was published in Systematics and Biodiversity, and you can find it here. Our results showed that much of the movement of these species has been fairly recently, and although some species range centers have not shifted much, others have moved substantially, likely tracking environmental change over time. Check it out!

New pre-print article on gene flow available

Myself, along with my advisor (Adam Leaché) and collaborators in Texas, Mexico, and Colombia, have just submitted a manuscript for review that examines the spatial and temporal extent of gene flow in the Sceloporus spinosus group. We have made the pre-print article available online at Biorxiv, and you can find the article here! If you have any questions on the manuscript or would like to see the supplemental files, let me know!