Article describing fieldwork during Phrynosoma sherbrookei trip published!

Shortly after returning from a collecting trip with Adam in Mexico of June 2012, I wrote a short article/story titled “Cloudy with a chance of lizards” that was featured on the Burke Museum‘s blog (you can find that article here). After the new species of horned lizard was described in this article, we were contacted by staff at the journal Phrynosomatics to publish a little more information on the new species. I sent them my article, and they loved it! It was just published in the August issue of Phrynosomatics, and you can find the article here!

A new Sceloporus species

S. aurantius

Human world, say hello to Sceloporus aurantius! Although this species has indubitably been around for hundreds of thousands to millions of years, it is new to science. Rob Bryson and I have just published a manuscript in the journal Zootaxa describing S. aurantius, a new lizard species in southern Mexico. You can see a preview of the paper here, but let me know if you’d like more information!

Pretty cool to describe a new species in a well-known genus!