New pre-print article on gene flow available

Myself, along with my advisor (Adam Leaché) and collaborators in Texas, Mexico, and Colombia, have just submitted a manuscript for review that examines the spatial and temporal extent of gene flow in the Sceloporus spinosus group. We have made the pre-print article available online at Biorxiv, and you can find the article here! If you have any questions on the manuscript or would like to see the supplemental files, let me know!

Post to UW Biology’s Science Positive

I have just written a post for UW Biology’s blog “SciPos”, AKA Science Positive. I give a little overview of the two publications that have recently come out resulting from my Master’s thesis at San Diego State University. Scroll through other SciPos posts to find out what other grads are doing in the Biology program at the UW!

A new Sceloporus species

S. aurantius

Human world, say hello to Sceloporus aurantius! Although this species has indubitably been around for hundreds of thousands to millions of years, it is new to science. Rob Bryson and I have just published a manuscript in the journal Zootaxa describing S. aurantius, a new lizard species in southern Mexico. You can see a preview of the paper here, but let me know if you’d like more information!

Pretty cool to describe a new species in a well-known genus!